Explore North Bundaberg & Moore Park Beach Road

While it’s only a short drive from Bundaberg to Moore Park Beach, this short journey can be an adventure filled with interesting highlights.

North Bundaberg

When you cross the river from Bundaberg, or head into town from Moore Park Beach, you will find yourself in North Bundaberg where fun and flavours await.

A few things you should try out include:

  • Explore the Botanical Gardens and Hinkler Hall of Aviation. (Link to other blog post)
  • If quirky is your thing, you’ll love having coffee at Oodie’s Café.
  • Let the kids burn some energy at the Flip Out trampoline centre.
  • Grab a platter made from regional produce at the Last Stop Convenience Shop and find a spot for a picnic.
  • Grab some quality cuts of meat from the Bundy Chop Shop to bring back to the motel and cook on the BBQ.

Diverse Moore Park Road

As you travel Moore Park Rd, within the space of around 15km you will see farms producing a range of crops including sweet potatoes, sugar cane, macadamias, avocados, beans, peas, lettuce, mushrooms, and even roses.

Farm Gate Stalls

You will also come across several farm gate stalls where you can pick up produce straight from the farm much cheaper than you will pay at the shops. NOTE: Many of these stalls use honesty boxes. Please do the right thing.

What Are Those Purple Flowers?

Our guests often ask what the crop is they saw with the purple flowers. They are sweet potatoes.

Meadowvale Mushrooms

Meadowvale Mushrooms are an organic mushroom wholesaler who also sell quality mushroom compost and fertiliser.

Bundaberg Roses

Enjoy the beauty and soothing scent of fresh cut roses (and gerberas) straight from the farm.

Slow Down & Enjoy

When you take the time to notice what’s around you, it’s amazing what you can discover on even the shortest of journeys. So be sure to stop and smell the roses…to name just one thing.



Botanic Gardens

Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Oodie’s Café

Flip Out

Last Stop Convenience Shop

Bundy Chop Shop

Meadowvale Mushrooms

Bundaberg Roses